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Being here now: The Levity Project’s Bubbles of Joy Micro-movement

by levity on February 16, 2012

We are so delighted to share with you the latest micro-movement video from the Levity Project!  

Thank you to all for being a part of this!



What is it?  A micro-movement is when we at The Levity Project send out a mission to Levity Project Players around the world that you can do in your own town or city with yourself or with friends and family (or strangers!). The idea of The Levity Project is that when we live in our own true joy and radiance it inspires those around us. We believe we are agents of change by who we are not just in what we do.  So we begin within with our own inner levity, and then we enjoy going into a public place and laugh, play and celebrate alone or with others. For fun, we asked people to video themselves blowing bubbles and then we compiled all the videos into one so that our individual acts of levity become one collective experience.


So….this is a very special Levity Project as it hits right on the heart of all that we do.  Bubbles are luminescent, uplifting, and cause us to pause in their momentary beauty.  Bubbles illustrate so perfectly the nature of Being Here Now (thanks Ram Dass!)  If we are looking elsewhere, we miss the moment of the bubble’s glory.  In their sweet and delightful way, bubbles command us to celebrate their presence in our life at this very moment.  And of course, the enjoyment is shared by all who are around, young and old alike.


Ina and Katie dedicate this Blowing Bubbles Micro-movement to our Moms both who transitioned out of this physical world this year within just a few months of each other.  We want to dedicate this event to allowing ourselves to be deeply present for whatever is happening here and now.

We are so appreciative to all of you who are a part of this community and who come and play with us!


We will be announcing the next micro-movement in 2 weeks! Check back so you can be a part of it!  It is going to be much much fun!

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Elisa Hurley

bubbles bubbles
and you have given me
so much on this day
in this moment
and i needed it very much

going to take bubbles
to nursing home
and blow bubbles with
96 year old ruth!


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