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Live Your Yes! The Levity Project’s next Micromovement

by levity on March 15, 2012

The new Micro-movement from The Levity Project is here!

(And we are really excited about this one!)

We are asking you to


Sound fun? YES!

What is it?  A micro-movement is when we at The Levity Project send out a mission to Levity Project Players around the world that you can do in your own town or city with yourself or with friends and family (or strangers!). The idea of The Levity Project is that when we live in our own true joy and radiance it inspires those around us.

We believe we are agents of change by who we are not just in what we do.  So we begin within with our own inner levity, and then we enjoy going into a public place and laugh, play and celebrate alone or with others. For fun, you video yourself and we compile all the videos into one so that our individual acts of levity become one collective experience.


What we want you to do is find that part of your life that lights all parts of you up.  It can be an activity, a place, an experience, a connection that makes your whole being go ZING!

And when you are in the presence of this part of your life, you feel connected to yourself and deeply in the present moment.

We want you to film your own YES!

Your YES is something that opens you, something that makes you feel joyful and happy, and it is something that makes you feel ALIVE!

For examples, it might be dancing, riding your bike, doing crosswords, looking at the sky, climbing a mountain, waving on a street hugging, etc!  It is whatever is YES to you.

Oh and one more thing…

Place the word YES somewhere in your film clip.  It can be written on a piece of paper, your arm, the wall…anywhere!  Just shine your YES somewhere in your video clip of you living your joy.


As in our other videos, when you see someone doing what they love, it makes us feel joyful.  When we play and do what we love, we light up and that light sparkles to all those around us.  It is a gift we give by being in our deepest joy.

And why YES?  When we say yes, we are open to what is inside us and what is around us.  When we say yes our heart is open.  The origins of YES come from “to be”(!), so we like to think of it as when we live in our yes, we are aligned with our true being. How beautiful is that?

Please join us in playing and celebrating your true being by showing us what you love and what is your yes right now in your life!


What: Film yourself doing what you love–anything that makes you feel YES- video yourself for 15 seconds to 1 minute AND Include the written word yes somewhere in the shot of you doing what you love, however creatively you want to display it.(please don’t film edit it in) Thx!

Do include your city, state and country when you email us your video.

When: Do this mission by April 15th

Why:  To play together in our greatest love!

Who: YOU!  And anyone you want.

How: Shoot a short video and send to us UNEDITED via

YOUSENDIT.COM or MAIL BIG FILE (both have free trials)

to Ina (AT) thelevityproject (Dot) Com (Include your Location!!!)

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