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About The Levity Institute


Our Mission is to heighten the awareness and experience of inner lightheartedness, causeless joy, and buoyancy in our individual and collective daily lives. We do this through an outreach of classes, retreats, one on one sessions, as well as making the practices of Levity accesible to those who want and need it most.


Our Vision for The Levity Institute is to be a gathering place for people and their understanding that life can be an experience of deep flow and oneness.  Our vision is that the Levity Practices of Laughter, Play, Celebration and Wonder become an integral part of our global way of being.  We believe individual peacefulness and a collectively shared global peace is entirely possible.


While speaking at the International Laughter Yoga Conference in 2009, Katie West had the pleasure of attending a workshop by Merv Neal, a business man from Australia with an extraordinary story.  During a closing visualization, she saw how the work that was blossoming for her in the field of levity needed a larger place to be held in the world.  Katie had a clear vision of The Levity Institute as the gathering place for the next generation of “thought and being” leaders to emerge together.

Katie West  first followed this vision by creating The Levity Project with Ina Lukas, and then  by bringing the practice of laughter into the life coaching field.  As The Levity Institute came into being, Katie has been joining with many leaders who are interested in cultivating a lighter and more buoyant world.

It is with great joy that you are invited as a someone who desire more lightness in your life or as someone who is looking for a joyful community to join us in this practice, our offerings, and the budding community.

We invite anyone who sees or wants to see that we are the most effective agent of change simply by how we live our lives (rather than what we do) to join us in the great shift that is occurring so that we can integrate the value of Laughter, Play, Celebration and Wonder in this time.

About the Organization- A Note from Katie

The Levity Institute is a registered 501 c3-non-profit organization. We started as a business model offering programs, coaching, training and speaking events.  All were well attended and with great success rates.  People encouraged us to create products and all had wonderful ways to “monetize” this concept of how to live levity on our everyday path.

At one point, we had a great realization.  We did not want to have the message and tools confused as coming from a production standpoint or even from a singular person.  Instead, we wanted the message and  the practice of Levity to have its own two legs with a supporting organization that could draw in fellow practitioners, teachers and leaders in the field of Levity.

Once my team embraced the idea of the non-profit status, I began questioning the production model in which our society operates.  I wondered what would happen if we freed The Levity Institute from the expectation of money as the predominant form of energy exchange.

Of course, thoughts swayed over to “But we HAVE to eat and feed our families, etc!”, we believe there is a way to authentically offer a practice/service/teachings to whomever it resonates while being able to survive on planet earth! Ha ha :)

All that means is that all of our services are by suggested donation on a sliding scale  (Yes, really!)  We ask that you offer what you can – with integrity.  Pretty simple.   In addition, when you pay what you can, it helps to pay for your neighbor as well.  In this way, we help each other and make this work accessible to anyone who wants it. We offer you our best most present offering and you offer us the same in return.

This would probably be a great place to say you are welcome to Donate to make this work more widely available to anyone and to help grow our community offerings.  Thank you.

Together, let’s see the beauty of a model like this working and perhaps in this small way, we can begin to see that our greatest value is in who we are and not just in what we do.

May we all rock on together,