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About Katie West

Dear wonderful you,

Thank you for your interest in The Levity Institute and in living life with a sense of Levity.   This work and  practice was born out of an inspiration and a moment of wonderful clarity in which I was offered the experience of seeing beyond the daily anchored way of living.

  I was on a subway train in NYC in 2009 when a pervasive and sustaining feeling of buoyancy emerged from deep within me.  It was an incredible moment in which I was able to feel a deep connectedness to both the misery of the people frowning around me and the immense lightness of being within us all.


It was during this experience, that the word Levity  came to me strongly.  When I looked it up in the dictionary, I was a bit confused at why the word was important as it read, “lack of appropriate seriousness, frivolity and inappropriate humor”!  But when I searched more in depth I found an older definition from the 1913 Webster’s dictionary which read, “Levity: light-heartedness, gaiety of character, and buoyancy – being lighter than that which surround us.”

 Reading the definition of levity as buoyancy, I knew that was what I had experienced on the train. It was not just a definition but an essence of how to be human on this planet in a sustaining joyful way.

Allowing both innate wisdom to combine with years of work and research with people in life coaching and teaching, the four practices of Levity: Laughter, Play, Celebration, and Wonder emerged as instrumental practices for living with buoyancy in our daily lives.

I am graced with the ability to see how a person, an experience, or a culture works externally and marry it to the deeper inner workings that are asking to come forward in the work and existential understanding.  I delight in this and am honored to be able to hold space with people in their most sacred yearnings and moments of wonder.

To give you a better sense of the space that we will hold together for your unfolding and the exploration of the buoyancy that has always been within you, I invited those I have known, worked with or collaborated with to share their impression of their experience of me and the quote below is a compilation of what was offered.

“Being with Katie offers a sense of being at home in oneself, and it is a great home-one filled with genuine laughter, great humility and a definite kickass energy.   She is able to see through a lens viewer that allows her to see all the bands of light of who we are that we forget to see each day.

 She joyfully offers deep insight which feels like you are finally seeing the facet of a jewel you have always wanted to see and then, she is willing to be patient until you see not just the facet of the jewel but the whole sparkling gem of your existence.”

Katie not only challenges the rules by her way of living in the world, but her very nature  asks us to believe that the rules are not even real. In this way, we are reminded  that anything is possible when we allow ourselves to be creative and whole without boundaries.

A luminary and philosopher at heart, Katie is a powerful visionary who is way out ahead merrily leading the way for a new way of being in the world.  She possesses deep insight and understanding and she loves holding space for those seeking truth in their lives.  

Katie is an example of someone who embodies the spirit of personal freedom and independence that we all can have when we allow ourselves to live in the flow of our own being.”

I look forward to sharing space with you on your great journey.  Welcome and may this journey be much fun, full of adventure and like coming home to the wonder of you.
Shine on,