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What Is Levity?

 What is this thing, LEVITY?!

Levity is the state of being in deep flow of light heartedness, joy, and buoyancy.  Levity is a way of living life that is effortless and offers us the understanding that we are not separate from all things but in an interconnected state in which we see that we are a part of all things.  At the same time, we find that within ourself, we are integrated.  Each of our systems-head, heart, body, and spirit work together with no one system overpowering the others.

In this integrated state of being, we experience a lightness unprecedented before in our lives.  Levity is not something to strive for nor is it a goal to be attained.  It is the opposite of this idea.  Levity is our natural state of being; we are naturally buoyant.

The starting place is being open to a way of living which may be very different than our previous model.    (It can be likened to the idea of getting not simply a software upgrade but a whole NEW operating system!) When we live with levity, we experience a deep sense of ease and peacefulness with what is in our lives.

Levity has four practices which are  Laughter, Play, Wonder, Celebration.

When we laugh, play, celebrate and wonder we are allowing ourselves to connect to our BODIES.  These four practices are not intellectual pursuits. They are four practices which allow us to connect  first with our bodies and then harmonize the other areas of our being.  (What?! The mind is not fully in control? Ahhh…)

In our current norm, our intellect and analytical minds have become overly valued as our best attribute. This, we know, is out of balance with the rest of our being and consequently, many people in our world are unhappy or find themselves more serious than joyful.

 Levity helps us balance our systems.  Each of these practices offers us a unique way to access our natural flow of being and allows us to foster this integrated state within ourselves (plus the bonus of letting go of our old stories…)

As we become physically present and  allow our minds to take a break from center stage, we suddenly find ourselves full of much joy and delight. The four practices of  Laughter, Play, Celebration, and Wonder offer a technology to create an integrated and balanced system within.   From this place, we feel the spirit of connected flow.