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Our offerings

     The Levity Institute offers classes, retreats, trainings, and salons to bring levity into the daily experience of your life.


We focus on the practical elements of expanding buoyancy and lightheartedness into the everyday.  Our offerings at The Levity Institute focus on bringing Laughter, Play, Celebration and Wonder into our daily lives.  We do this through programs run both by The Levity Institute and those that are taught by wonderful teachers we invite here.  

       The commonality of the four practices of Levity is their ability:
  • To bring us to the present moment.
  • To engage us in the physical experience of  BEING in our body
  • To broaden our notion of ourselves beyond our physical senses
  • To turn off the stories we tell ourselves
  • To lift us up and by doing so we recognize our true nature
  • To allow us to engage in life without a mental process (is that possible? wow!) and experience effortless flow of being
  • To bring into our awareness and daily experience that life can be peaceful, free and fun.

Each practice immediately improves our understanding and experience of our well being. By engaging even in one of the practices only once, we experience a palpable feeling of freedom.  For some, they feel this shift and have an immediate desire to experience more openness and to continue to let go the old way of being and knowing.  And for a few, the experience heightens the awareness of how closed they are or have been.

 Each individual has a place and we allow you to experience at your own level of willingness and openness.

Our Classes, Retreats and Salons are interactive, purposeful, deeply fun and opening with the purpose of engaging in the direct experience of being the  lighthearted being you are.

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