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Join us for a wonderful one day or weekend retreat of engaging in the direct experience of being in the flow of who we truly are.  Levity Retreats are for a wide range of people and times in your life.

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Upcoming One Day Retreats in Willard Beach, Maine-March 10th & 25th and April 7th & 28th

Retreats are held in the container of silence while weaving together the practices of laughter, play, celebration and wonder.  Each retreat is unique and there is a beautiful blend of movement and stillness. There is a time for the group to come together in sharing at the beginning and end of the day.  We invite you to cherish the experience of diving into lightness and quiet that is intrinsic within us all.

Levity Retreats are for those who :

  • are looking to feel a sense of buoying in their daily lives.
  • want to have tangible ways to bring a deep sense of joy and lightheartedness to their daily lives.
  • feel that their analytical mind is running the show and want to use a new operating system to live each day.
  • want to get in greater relationship with their intuition and intuitive understanding of their world.
  • are aware of some deep shifts within themselves and looking to find tools for grounding and connection.
  • who are expanding and want to be clear about their intentions as they live into a new way of being and living.
  • already have a personal practice of intentionality and are looking how to feel lighter within their practice.
  • desire being in community of people who want to engage in present moment living practices.
  • want to spend a weekend Laughing, Playing, Celebrating and in Wonder with great people and in a beautiful place.

We offer one, two day and weekend retreats.   You are asked to come with all loose ends tied up and with the ability to be truly present for the time here.

We ask that you come with a joyful and equanimous intent that all that is happening is for you and part of the journey is right where you need to be.  We ask that your intent includes a sense of goodwill to yourself and all those you will meet in the Retreat.

Our retreats are dynamic, connected, and safe.  We hold space for you to play, adventure, journey, discover, uncover, and integrate.  We also hold space for you to shine, be bold, be wildly excited, be joyful beyond measure, allow release, be light, feel deeply peaceful, fall down in giggles, and whatever else your expanding being is calling in during our time together.  Your expanded nature will not be held back.

The goal of the retreat is that there is none.  It is about being here and experiencing without goals, expectations or other deliverables.  It is about allowing the present moment to be PRESENT.  It may take your analytical mind some time to relax and we will hold space for that too.

By being present, you will in turn get to feel a sense of flow within your being that is undeniable and completely natural to who you actually are.

Retreats are held at The Levity Institute space in Maine and include a blend of inside time and outside time.   Our retreats are held in the container of silence which is complemented with movement, laughter, stillness, exploration and inquiry.


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Upon registering, you will receive details about the logistics about the day and specifics about the retreat.