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The Center of Levity Salons are at the heart of the work we do.  What is a Salon?  A Salon is a gathering event for the purpose of being present together.  Salons were popular in the 17th and 18th century to discuss ideas and for the purpose of enjoyment and education.

The Center of Levity Salons are similar to the original concept as they provide a space to explore ideas and share new thoughts, however the difference is that traditional salons were for the purpose of intellectual exploration.  In the Levity Salons, our focus is not of the intellect but of the integrated being-our intention is to awaken and involve our bodies, hearts, spirits and minds.

We explore being in the organic, present moment allowing the experience to unfold.  It may involve a lecture, a sharing of mutual ideas, a silent meditation or a spontaneous dance party.

Above all, the Center of Levity Salons are a place to come together and explore ideas and the experience of being light hearted in all aspects of our lives.  There is space to question how to be buoyant in the face of life’s messiness, what wonder really means, and explore personal practices.

A central part of the Levity Salons is that it is not a “led” group.  There is some facilitation for holding the space and group well-being, but largely the gathering unfolds as it is meant to do so.  Those who come are interested in the experiment of living in the present moment both for themselves and with others.  The salon asks of us to not make “being present” an intellectual process but instead asks of us to be in our bodies and truly aware of our experience with joy and equanimity.

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