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One on One Sessions

What are One on One Sessions with Katie West?

 One on One Sessions or   are  for those of you who are finding yourself on the path of opening to the experience of living life free of your stories, your previously held beliefs and old patterns.  Often, people who are interested in sessions have had an experience of feeling very light or open to a sense of possibility or vision of their life that was  not there before.  This work is for those who want to live brightly and buoyantly and are looking for tools and practices to create a sustaining journey of lightness. Previously, these sessions were called “levity coaching” and while the framework has the open-ended space that is held in coaching, I am less interested in getting you somewhere and instead we delight in the here and now.

One on one sessions offer a dynamic and individual process in which we work together understanding  there is no such thing as the proverbial “box”. We explore how to release physically, mentally and emotionally what may still be tethering us to the old ways of being so that one’s being can fully be living in the new path of lightness and buoyancy. Employing the practices of levity, we will look at how to build in the practice to support your journey. O2 can also be a beautiful compliment to those who already have some type of contemplative practice yet are not finding the deep joy in the experience of their intentionality. One on One sessions are a combination of conversation, questioning, breathing, the practices of levity and energy work.

 Above all, One on One Sessions are a companion on the journey of opening, discovering, and emerging into the being of light you are and have always been. 

“All too often, we aim for the full step of our vision-the seductive horizon. In our work, we relish what we call the half step.  The half step is the practice that supports the greater journey.  We could say that the DNA for the full step exists in the half step.

-That is our focus in the process, to be here and in the depth of this moment.  In this space, we are afforded the view that this half step  is the entirety of the journey which is the cause of much laughter and celebration.”        


How does  sessions work? 

Sessions are dynamic and unique to each person. They hold at their heart the understanding that you have your own true answers within.  The O2 process is simply a framework to allow the clarity a place to really emerge, to be explored and to create intention around it.  The clarity may offer tangible and practical next steps or it may may hold a deeper sense of inner well-being and peace.

 We integrate these practices into your daily life as well as the practices of Laughter, Play Celebration and Wonder as embodiment practices to help your journey be one that is both beautifully aflight and deeply grounded.


Each session is 1 hour in length
With a suggested offering of $75-175.
You pay what you can so that it helps your “neighbor” be able to afford O2 as well. 
You can pay via check or an online invoice

This means you can feel free to offer whatever energy you can as currency whether it is monetary or another kind of offering and we will accept it unconditionally. If the energy is not monetary, please let us know what you would like to offer as donation.

(one on one sessions are offered separately from our nonprofit organization offerings and so are not tax deductible)

Ideally, making a commitment over a period of time allows the growth to be deeper and more expansive.  However, as the client it is trusted that you know what is best for you.

We meet on a session by session basis at a time that is set up between us.

We meet via phone.

You have access via email between sessions for questions and checking in.

Intro Session:
Katie is happy to schedule a time to meet before you begin your work together so that you can feel comfortable with the process.  Please use our contact form to schedule an appointment or an intro meeting.

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robert young

Hi Katie … I just found out about your “work” through the dancing while shopping video. I loved it! I am sort of retired and am in the process of finding fun ways to spend the rest of my life. My latestnventure into Life Journey Guidance is one example I am playing with. This was inspired by some sessions with Bradford Keeney. Check him out if you don’t know about him. His heart is definitely in alinement with yours. I would like to schedule a telephone session with you !