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Katie West is delighted to come speak with you about ways to integrate Levity into different areas of your daily life.

Each program is unique to the needs of you and your audience.  All programs are interactive and employ the practices of Levity.  And of course, they are very joyful experiences!

Our speaking engagements help to make it possible for us to offer other programs by donation to a variety of audiences and individuals.

Also, you can see Katie’s Speaker Bio here.

Personal & Spiritual Retreat Levity

 It is always an honor to be invited to personal or spiritual retreats as participants are already open to intentionally integrating more joy and buoyancy into their lives.  Working directly with the group’s intention, Katie West heightens the awareness of the work and play at hand.

Through exploratory and interactive dialogue and exercises, participants bring more clarity to their journey  and welcome in the joyful lightheartedness that is searching for them.  Often, in this setting, participants find that it is the work with Levity that synthesizes and deepens the experience as a whole as it serves to connect them deeply with themselves.

Katie West leads both independent day long and weekend retreats as well as working within a team of facilitators to create a retreat experience for a particular group.  Additionally, she welcomes the opportunity to work within an already established retreat as a member of the workshop team.

Please feel free to chat with us about what you are envisioning for your group or experience and we can work together so the program flows best for your needs.

Workplace Levity

As we all know, the workplace can be a place of great connection and productivity and it can also be a place where we experience many challenges both individually and collectively.

Studies show the deep value of incorporating the elements of levity into our professional lives.  Not only do we enjoy being at work more, but we feel more connected to the work and the people around us.  This enjoyment, of course, leads us to great benefits such as higher productivity, more efficiency, less absenteeism, and better co worker relationships.

Major organizations such as Zappos, Southwest Airlines, Google, see the value of bringing joyfulness into the everyday culture. More and more organizations are bucking the old system of all work, no play and all the while enjoying the fruits of such values.

The Levity Institute offers custom programs for organizations and businesses who are looking to bring in a greater sense of lightness and openness into their workplace.   Through interactive workshops, keynotes, and staff retreats, we will work with you to create a program that fits you and also brings your organization to a lighter, more buoyant place.

Conference Levity

Setting the tone early on for a conference is often the key to the entire success of a conference.  By having the participants connect immediately with themselves and the experience at hand enriches the day for both for the individuals and the collective experience.

Equally at the close of a conference, having a participant’s experience synthesized in the right way can make all the difference in people implementing ideas learned, connecting with others and deciding to return to the conference again.

Katie West of The Levity Institute works with conference organizers to design the right keynote, icebreaker, or group activity to either engage your audience to begin the day well or the bring a deep connection to what has been experienced.  Katie West also offers break out sessions in which participants get a fuller understanding and practice into how to bring levity into the everyday moments of their lives.

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