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About The Levity Project

WHAT is The Levity Project?

The Levity Project is a social movement creating change through public acts of play, laughter, and celebration.  The mission of The Levity Project is to help decrease the spirit of negativity, stress, and fatigue in our society by infusing public spaces with a lighter and more buoyant energy.

The Levity Project is a movement that encourages everyone who participates and observes the events to see themselves as an agent of change in our world. Our goal is to create a global community in which people come together to create an upward spiral of global positive social change.

WHERE do The Levity Project events take place?

Everywhere. Official events with The Levity Project are put on by The Levity Project Team in cities around North America.

Online. The Levity Project is the creator of the Micro-Movement concept in which people all over the world take part in an event with The Levity Project by themselves, video tape it, then send us the video.  We create a single video with all of The Levity Project Players in it, and the end result is a social movement that takes place online with no time or location barriers.   The idea behind the micro-movement is that what starts with one can touch many.

At your event or organization.  The Levity Project works with organizations, events, conferences and corporations to create an event that will bring an infusion of lightness, fun, and joy to the experience.  The Levity Project can bring a buzz of attention and energy to an event, as well as creating a dynamic experience that will make your event memorable.

WHO is The Levity Project?

The Levity Project is a community of people that believe social change in possible and that it starts with each one of us.  The Levity Project believes that we are all agents of social change able to make a difference in the world simply by how we choose to approach each day in our personal and professional lives.  When you take part in a Levity Project event or sign up on our website you become one of The Levity Project Players.

The Levity Project Team has three members who design and stage the events, coordinate with organizations, and work with communities to make the events possible.

Katie West ~ Ina Lukas Co-Founders

WHY is The Levity Project doing what it does?

The goal is to bring people together who see themselves as agents of change toward creating an upward spiral of positivity in our world.  We want to create a deeper understanding that joy, play, laughter, and freedom are integral to individual and collective success.

Our mission is to shift the paradigm of negativity, stress, and pessimism in our society to one of play, laughter and celebration.  We believe it’s our own inner happiness, collectively celebrated, that has the ability to create a global shift.

The Levity Project believes that each person is an agent of change and when we awaken to our power in this way, we can make collective social change a reality.

WHERE has The Levity Project been and had partipants from?

* Maine, Illinois, Wisconsin, California, Florida, Colorado, New York, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Missouri, South Dakota, Washington DC, Texas, Nevada, Michigan, Oregon, Norway, Australia, Canada, England Luxembourg and more!

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Pam Prevost

What a great idea, as adults we need to laugh and play more!


Cynthia Winton-Henry

Hi. I want to celebrate your work. I, too, am up on levity and I plan to point people in my community, InterPlay, to your work this friday on my Friday Virtual InterPlay blog. Usually, about 300 plus open the links. InterPlayers are around the world. We play with forms that create freedom, peace, and social change through movement, voice, storytelling, stillness, and connection. Thanks for what you do and for your youtubes!



I love this sooooo much! This is exactly what I want to do in life!!


Amy Saab

thank you, thank you, thank you. Boy, do we need more joy.


Gabrielle Loffer

How do you get involved, I’m from Santa Fe New Mexico & I would like to take part of this amazing experience, how do I get involved???



Brenda Jewell

I love the idea of a “levity project”. Keep it up. The world needs levity!!!!


Robin Preboy

I feel at One with your mission, it’s my mission, too.
How can I partner with you?
I can organize here in Toronto.
I guess I’ll get a group of friends together to shopdance. That’s one thing I can do.
Let me know please if you have other ideas.
Thanks so much!
Love and Joy!


Elizabeth Phillips

I so enjoy all of the micro movement videos! I have been doing this personally for years and have always enjoyed the reactions I get from people. My family and I would LOVE to participate in your next video, and we agree it does affect social change by touching peoples lives….please send us info.



Would so love to be part of something like this….I used to work at a gas station in Rochester New York..and boy does that place need cheering up :)



WOW!!!! Great concept……me and my family are gonna do our part in Wichita, KS.



I loved the “Dancing in the Grocery Store” Video. I’m still smiling!!! Keep up the great positive work, I’ll be looking for more. If you’re ever in Pasadena, CA I’d love to participate. Gods Abundant Blessings to you and yours.



How about Maui? Sign us up!!


Jenna Moran

HOw can I get the levity project to my town? I want more information about this projecta nd how to get involved!


Patricia Farber

I fell in love with the grocery store video–I often dance at my trader joe’s. Thanks for your fabulous ideas.


Jeaniea Merritt

Why not Ohio???…I LOVE the idea…made me feel better instantly, just watching the videos!!!! Thank you…


Loree O'Connor

You need to come to Portland, OR. I watched the video of the dancing in the grocery stores and I’m sooooooooooo there! My 16 yr. old son and I watched it and laughed! I wanted to be there! hahahhaa There is a time to be serious and a time to have fun, life should be fun and not stressful. I know. I’ve had a stroke, a transplant and breast cancer. My journey is far from over and life is too short, not to have fun. We all need to have fun! Great job.
God Bless you.


Jeanne Levcesque

Wow this is so cool, I hope it takes on big time and helps erase some of the hate in the world!!! keep it going!!


Shane Sparks

This is an excellent energy movement keep it going, I will connect too.


Judy Morgenstern

No website, but I love the idea of a micro movement. Please keep me posted!!!!!


Sue Weiss

Hi all –
Just found you through a YouTube….where have you been all my life? I’ve been doing these things as a dance/music/theater teacher, but have slowed down in recent years.
I just put together sort of impromptu Christmas Carolers in the small place where I live – adults and little kids, a few stragglers. And you know what?
People laughed and smiled and we danced down the streets! Sign me up!!

BTW, I’m the the Pacific Northwest, a traditionally rather self-conscious area. Help me mix it up – lots of artistic types around, too.
Thanks for what you are doing.



We’re going to shopdance and streetdance in Glastonbury, England :0) inspired by what you are doing….may even have a pillow fight!



You guys are wonderful, what a treat to see the dancing shoppers, would really like to see you bring this to Oklahoma – if ever levity was needed, it is here. Thanks again


Angel Chapman

I LOVE it! Let’s bring this movement to New Hampshire! I want the dancing in the grocery store in Keene, NH.. and more.. How do I get more levity here? :) We have a college in my town, so that might help things along?



Hey there, I love what y’all are up to.

Here’s a song I wrote a while back that you might like:

Much love,




amazing… I was just “feeling” and “sensing” that I really just HAD to be a part of a flash mob group… in DALLAS, Tx! Wondering how I could find something like that or be a part or create one myself..LOL! Then a few days later…BAM… there it is in my facebook newsfeed…the levity project via youtube! I often dance around in stores all the time! My kids tell me to stop…I cant help it! Music makes me always wanna dance! Anyone in Dallas out there already participating? Please let me know how I can help or participate! Namaste!



Great concept! Having a positive social movement is awesome! Wonderful idea! Great concept! Glad you all are doing it. Keep up the good works!


Sarah Mitchell

Brilliant. Love what you are doing and definitely have my support…and involvement.
Thanks so much for your vision and super fun way to get people shifting into celebrating themselves and living.


Deborah Wilson

I have thrived on life because I believe Laughter, Love and Learning are the elements needed in life. Thank you!


Gloria Hemby

I would like more information about this project and how to get involved in Huntsville, AL.


Renee t

Always willing to spread a little levity to all!! Into spontaneous singing, laughter and cultural events!!


Kirsten Anne Killen

question is there a group in the halifax area of nova scotia canada? the little video i saw this mornign made my morning as i am at home sick with a bad case of broncitis and lost my voice:) i’m guilty as the next person of being out grocery shopping and hearing a great tune on the sound system at the store and start being in a happier mood. and if my son is with me he starts dancing with me in the aisles.. and we always have fun shopping:)


Jane Laufer

This is amazing!! Connecticut needs you!!



This is AWESOME!!
Amazing energy that everyone should be exposed to and included in!
Happiness makes the world go round!
I would love to organize this in our area in Connecticut, how can we participate?


Susan Somanlall

I saw the grocery store dancing event on line. Made me smile, and laugh out loud. Two things I love to do!!! I was pleased to see that I am not alone in dancing and even singing while I do my groceries.

Love love love your movement in positivity.

Cheers!!! From Brampton, Ontario, Canada


Hazel Hutchinson

WOW – Just watching the video of folks dancing in the grocery stores lifted every cell in my body! I was dancing and laughing and clapping – all right here in my kitchen in my pjs! May your good works continue across the globe!



So, so, so HAPPY to have found you…through a friend’s post on facebook…the grocery store dancing! Thank you!!!!


Diane James

I would love to participate!! This is wonderful!!



What an awesome thing you are doing!! My daughter and I have danced in Walmart, grocery stores and other places when the mood strikes us! We always smile!


Leslie Macchiarella

How totally fun it would be to dance through the aisles of the market! Ha! Love it! You guys rock!



Wow! How fun! How can I (or you) get a dancing-in-the-aisles event going in Redwood City, CA.? I really do not want to lead it, because I am not a leader-type, but REALLY would love to dance in the grocery store! I sing in the store all the time and am used to the strange looks I get for being the only one singing. I can already feel the excitement of dancing in my local Lucky or Safeway.


lisa diane

Looking forward to playing with you!!!


julie Veitch

I want to dance in a grocery store. I live in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada. Fairly small town, lots of great people. How do I initiate this?


tricia turton

Hello! We are going to do a Micro Movement Grocery Store Dancing in March!
Where do we send our video?


Linda Miller

How can I become a part of this project in Pennsylvania?


alison eddy

Oh smiley joy! Loved the dancing in the shop video. Occasionally when jogging …when the most irresistable dance song would come on my ipod….I just had to stop and dance. Thought it would be great to set up ‘dance spaces’ in the park for joggers…so all could vent the same urge! Did dance in front of a field load of cows, who did seem really intrigued!

Do you do stuff in the U.K too? Would love to be involved.


Silvia Trost

Dear friends, thank you-! what a great idea ! I´ll spread the word.Yes change is possible with small steps. Lots of love, fun, creativity


Robyn Pitkin

Love your movement! I have a 17year old son with disabilities ( well that is how society sees them) but he is addicted to dance! wherever and whenever if he hears any music he can’t help but dance, it starts as a little bum wiggle and builds up to high jumping, arms waving full on fun! In supermarkets it’s clear the aisles Kielan is coming! I find I can’t help but join in too! Everyone says you can’t be sad with him around, he makes you happy.


Eileen Crane

Just love what you are creating!


Donna Rauls

We need this in ARKANSAS! Made me get out of my chair and dance! Even my 6 year old granddaughter laughed and said I like it! She loves to dance. Would like to know how I can get this started in my town. We just lost a good man/constable to road rage and my town is sad! People getting angry and shooting each other at gas stations over road rage. It is rare to see people in my town being happy in public. I love my town called Pine Bluff,AR Sometimes better know by crime bluff. Hurts to here those words when I have grew up here with so many good caring people! We need positive people dancing in our town. I will never stop being positive!



I noticed you have yet to have participants from Washington State. As a WA resident, I would like to remedy this. How can I help?


Gretchen McLellan

This reminds me of a laughter yoga “workshop” (should have been called a “playshop”) that I participated in and ended up with a shiner. I was engaged in some lively pingpongpaddling with another woman and the elastic on our balls got all tangled up. Her ball broke off and hit me in the eye. My first shiner! It was a great conversation starter and reminder of all the fun we had. I’m not suggesting that we all get shiners, but maybe the Levity Project should team up with the Laughter Yoga folks…they’ve got some fantastically fun tricks up their sleeves!





Megan Henshall

My name is Megan Henshall and I am a 28 year old professional in Charlotte, NC. I am also a contributing writer for the Charlotte faction of Creative Loafing Magazine and am interested in possibly using the Levity Project for a cover story. I would love to speak to someone about having an event here in Charlotte, and featuring the Levity Project in an article about social change. My cell phone number is 704.301.2405…if there is any interest, please call to discuss.

Thanks so much!


Nancy Erickson

Come to Seattle – we need some levity! ;~)


Ron Knights

I just watched your Grocery Dancing video, and loved it. I thought something was hitting my leg. It turned out to be air coming out of the sub woofer when the music played!